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Who is Scott Tsui?

I was someone who did not accept myself as a gay person for many years.  All those years, I had to squash who I was, and that was lonely. Since I didn’t accept myself as a gay person, I wasn’t able to find love for myself and I wasn’t able to give love.

Then, I managed to turn it all around. I found out who I was and able to give love and receive love. When that happened, it made me lonely no more. I was able to find myself and love someone else and receive love.

I have spent the rest of my life on a mission to help other gay people to accept who they are, love themselves, and show them how to love other gay people, and draw the right people into their lives so they can have loving, committed, lasting relationships. 

That’s my job because I think if everyone experience love themselves, and showing love, and being loved by others, the world will be infinitely a greater place.

I am Scott Tsui and I want you to be lonely no more.

How Will This Transform Your Life?

The only relationship coaching program for gay men by a gay man Are you heartbroken and scarred from a past relationship? Does dating make you feel scared, and frustrated? Do you feel that love isn’t for you? Like it’s time to give up trying to find your other half? If your answered yes, then the Gay Men Relationship Blueprint is for you! This is the only online relationship course designed exclusively for gay men—by a gay man. I’m Scott Tsui, the creator of the program and starting today I will help you overcome your fears, embrace your identity and find true love. Throughout this 8-module program, you’ll learn how to cast out all the negative and focus on the positive to help you build the relationship you deserve. Here’s a brief of what you can expect from the course.

Growing up as a gay man is challenging. We were raised believing that loving another man is
unacceptable and shameful—inconceivable, and many of us suffered from bullying or verbal
abuse and even were treated as if we had a condition or disease.
Whether you are aware of this or it’s happening on a subconscious level, all those thoughts and
beliefs you grew up with are denying you the opportunity of intimacy with another man.

No more. This module will show you how to cast out all those negative relationship beliefs and
embrace only the empowering ones. If others can make relationships work, so can you! You can
learn how to choose “Mr. Right” among all those “Mr. Right Nows” if you are willing to give love
and truly believe you deserve it. Nothing will stop you now. You’ll find him.

Do you understand yourself? I mean, REALLY understand. Take your time and think it through.
Most of us just let the days pass by without “inspecting” how we’ve evolved throughout the
years, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

Unless you take the time to analyze your circumstances, needs and desires, you won’t be able
to understand yourself and will fail in finding the right man and nurturing a relationship with him.

Think deep. This module will teach you how to assess yourself thoroughly: who you are, who
you need to be, who is the man you want and need to be with, your strengths and how they can
make you more attractive, your own weaknesses and how to rise above your circumstances,
and how to identify and improve the weaknesses in your future relationship.

Everyone is different. We all have different needs, dreams and desires. It seems challenging to
find someone compatible and many times we are drawn by physical attraction rather than traits
that make a good companion. So, how do you know if you’ve found a good match?

Unless you know how to simplify and prioritize your needs, you’ll end up with a time consuming
and emotionally-draining “dead end” relationship.

No time to lose. This module will give you clarity. You’ll learn how to understand who is that
man that can fulfill all your needs and desires, by identifying the most important traits you are
looking for on a potential partner and focusing on qualities you can admire on someone else,
rather than pointing out flaws and imperfections.

You’ve interiorized long enough and know everything there’s to know about yourself and your
ideal partner. You know what your priorities are and what you should avoid. It’s time to get
yourself out there and begin “hunting”. But where to start?

If you let dating myths hold you back or get out there without a solid plan, you’ll be looking in the
wrong places and most likely end up with “Mr. Wrong”.

Play the game. This module will help you bust common dating myths, show you how to find
potential dates and how to make the most of being single. You’ll build a support system with
cheerleaders that encourage you and detect your “blind spots”. You’ll gain powerful insights and
will have all the confidence you need to beat the dating game and eventually find “the one”.

You’re rusty. Maybe you just came out, or you got hurt and decided to stay away from dating for
a while. Let’s be honest. Not everyone is a seasoned lover, and there’s no shame in that.
Connecting with others and building intimacy is very hard.

Unless you have the necessary skills and tools to help you connect with other men, your dating
experiences will be a disaster. They probably are. Am I right?

Fake it til’ you make it. This module will teach you how to exude confidence on dates—even if
you are a nervous wreck inside. You’ll learn do’s and dont's and understand pros and con's of
dating online and offline. And most important, you’ll BECOME more attractive. Once you master these skills, you’ll be in total control the next time you meet someone. Promise.

You’ve put yourself out there. You’re confident and all men you’ve met and dated think you are
“Mr. Charming”. Maybe there’s already someone that could become something special. Great!
Still a long way to go, though. How do you know if you making the right choices?

If you choose the wrong man, you’ll waste your time, emotions and energy—and his. Or, worst
case scenario, either one of you will end up with a broken heart.

Unlock his potential. This module will help you evaluate your compatibility with a potential
partner by teaching you how to unlock and understand his beliefs, needs, aspirations and
desires. You’ll also learn if you brain is tricking you into staying with the wrong man or in a toxic
relationship. No more blindfolds or confusion. Just good decisions.

You’ve found him! All that effort finally paid off. Still, your relationship is very fragile. You’re
investing a lot in building it so learning how to protect it is one of the keys to long-term success.

Unless you have what it takes to make your relationship thrive, either of you will end up running
away the minute difference, conflict or disagreement show up.

“Relationship First Aid Kit” to the rescue! This module will help you connect with your
partner and reconnect after a disconnection. You’ll also learn how to set early boundaries to
avoid disappointments and prevent money and other external factors from sabotaging—or
entirely ruining—your new relationship.

You’re in love! You’ve found the man of your dreams and he loves you back. You’re building a
relationship together. Congratulations! The sun is shining and life is good. The challenge now is
keeping the flame alive. Sustaining emotion and physical intimacy is hard.

Unless you learn how to meet the demands of your relationship, you and your partner will end
up in a bad place, like so many unhappy couples that split up once the “honeymoon” is over.

Time to grow together. This module will teach how to solidify the foundations of your
relationship with the three C’s: Connection, Communication and Fighting Complacency.
You’ll also learn how to choose paths that fulfill your needs. Mastering the three C’s will help you secure the relationship you always wanted. And most important, you’ll make it last. FOREVER.

A Few of My Success Stories...

Billy N.

"Scott mentored me to develop my own unique way of building lasting friendships and ultimately a long-lasting relationship. Scott’s guidance has provided me invaluable life skills that has steered me on the course to happiness"

Dennis B.

"Scott helped me to put the dynamic in our relationship in perspectives, and to understand better how to operate as a couple"

Jeffery B.

"Scott helped me see the bigger picture and allowed me to understand some of my expectations were normal.  He also helped me to understand what I want, what I need and what I can have are not always the same and this reality check helped me separate fantasy from reality"


An Online Course to Breakthrough From Your Relationship Failures & Find the Perfect Man for Your Future!

Here are 8 sample lessons from across the entire course for your review.


The First Step to Relationship Success

We all face fears, and your fear is holding you back from finding the man of your dreams. This video teaches you how to identify the different types of fear and the basis of your particular fear, to enable you to move forward and progress! Once you manage your fear, nothing stands between you and building the fantastic relationship you deserve.

Becoming The Man I Need To Be and He’ll Want To Be With

This new dating concept replaces the redundant relationship coaching that says it's all about getting the guy. To attract and keep the guy, you must be that guy your dream guy wants to be with. This is why you need to learn how to become the man who knows how to capture hearts and hold them!


Fantasy vs. Reality

Stop wasting time chasing rainbows! A dream man will overlook your flaws and love you despite them. Don’t allow your fantasy to distract you from finding the right man. This video shows how to distinguish between reality from fantasy and how to avoid missing precious opportunities.

Defining “Dating” (And How to Communicate What You Want)

Stop wasting time chasing rainbows! A dream man will overlook your flaws and love you despite them. Don’t allow your fantasy to distract you from finding the right man. This video shows how to distinguish between reality from fantasy and how to avoid missing precious opportunities.


No More Awkward Silences: Storytelling for Dating

Wouldn’t it be great to always know what to say on a date?  Storytelling is a dating skill available to everyone. This video shows how to control the trajectory of any conversation, to appear more thoughtful, relaxed, and engaging through sharing your personal stories. Besides being a practical tool, this effectively builds intimacy while dating.

Why People End Relationships

You won’t want to miss this video if you're going to avoid future heartbreak. This lesson highlights the number one reason people leave relationships and the specific signs to recognize before a breakup. It also teaches the reasons people remain in a relationship and how to make it sustainable.


How to Offer Boundaries Respectfully

Much time and frustration will be saved by expressing and setting boundaries early on. Not setting boundaries will result in disappointments which will become resentments that will eventually damage your relationships.

Sex, Passion and Intimacy: How to Make Them Last Together

Sustaining passion and intimacy in a long-term relationship is entirely possible, but you need to know how. This video teaches how to have an enduring fresh, romantic, and passionate relationship over time. Don’t let anyone tell you that it's not possible!


Your self-limiting beliefs are holding you back from finding and sustaining the sexy, satisfying relationship that you’ve been searching for.

If you're like me and you’ve gone through the fear and frustration of dating, the heartbreak of bad relationships, or the questioning of the “trying to talk yourself out of wanting a relationship” phase, I get it. I've been there too.

Frequently Asked Questions


The only difference between your story and mine is that I found a strategy to attract and a build a relationship with the man of my dreams. That strategy is the core of The Gay Men Relationship Blueprint.

In this one-of-a-kind course, created BY a gay man FOR gay men, I’ll show you how to go from lonely, isolated and confused to happy, comfortable, and in love... with someone else, but with yourself too.

YES, This is the only online relationship course—designed exclusively for gay men—that equips you with the insights and skills to meet, attract, and build a sexy, satisfying and sustained relationship with a compatible partner.

  • Build self-confidence and think honestly about what you want out of a relationship
  • Become more attractive to the kind of men you're looking for
  • Define what you want and need from a potential partner
  • Flirt, be charming, and sweep him off his feet
  • Determine if a new relationship is worth pursuing
  • Build a strong, healthy romantic relationship with the right man
  • Deal with issues and arguments that affect gay relationships
  • Keep long-term relationships strong... and sexy too!

 You'll learn all this through a combination of videos exercises, self-assessments, and more.

For most gay men, the first hurdle to a relationship is to find clarity about what they want and why they want it, because so many of us grew up lost. No-one gave us any direction. Everything was trial and error. But with The Gay Men Relationship Blueprint, you'll have a strategy to skip all that trial and error and get right to the good stuff.

Hundreds of gay men have used the techniques in this blueprint to find love and to build healthy, sustainable (and, yes, exciting and sexy!) relationships that they didn’t believe were possible.

 This isn’t about finding a new hookup.

 This isn’t about finding your Prince Charming in eight weeks, either.

This is about learning how to get more out of relationships & your life than you could ever have imagined.

 It’s about understanding your actions, learning to love yourself, and acknowledging your needs and desires.

 Are you ready?


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